Free spins guide

NZ Free Spins Bonus Offers

There are lots of Casino bonus offers out there but the most popular of them all are free spins. Free spins are normally used in two instances as a lure to attract the growing large number of new players and as a promotional tool to attract online players to newly released online casino slots. The spins that are used to attract new customers are called welcome or sign up bonuses. They are awarded by different online casinos to new clients who sign up to their sites as a reward. They are supposed to help new players understand how the online site works. The promotional spins can be used by casinos to promote any new online slot games that have been released to their new and veteran players like. These bonus spins will vary from one casino to another but they can generally range from 10 spins to around 50 spins or more. Each of these offers come with different kinds of rules attached to them.

The free spins that are offered to new customers once they sign up can come in two versions. These two versions are the deposit and no deposit bonuses. The deposit bonuses are those spins that will only be awarded to a casino slot player after they have deposited a certain amount of money into their online account. The no deposit spins are awarded to new players without the requirement of a deposit into their online account. This does not, however, mean that there are no conditions attached to the spins. As mentioned in the paragraph above all spin bonuses come with certain rules and regulations. Free spins are used as a marketing tool but the casinos will also not want to lose money while attracting new players. This is the reason wagering requirements are attached to every spin bonus.

Rules And Requirements For Free Spins

The wagering requirements normally compel an online casino player to play a certain number of rounds before they can claim any winnings from the bonus spins. The number of rounds depends on the casino and normally range between 20x to 70x. There are other requirements that are attached to free spins such as the validity of the bonus offer. Most online casinos normally assign a 7 day period after awarding their new players with the spins. Free spins are sometimes only awarded on specific slot games. these games either have the same theme or may be designed by the same online casino software provider. An example of a game that is popular with spin bonus offers is starburst. Another common rule or term that comes with spin bonus offers is the withdrawal limit rule. The withdrawal cap is a maximum limit that is set by a casino on how much a player can withdraw after using an online casino bonus offer.

In order to fully maximise your free spins, it is important to understand all of the terms and conditions that are mentioned above. This is because if you do not meet or follow them you could end up losing whatever winnings you may have gained from the free spins bonus rounds. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure that you carry out proper research. Start by comparing the rules of different bonus offers at different online casinos. Ensure you identify one that has fewer hoops to jump. Most of these bonus offers if not all are designed in favour of the casino and not player. If you are not very keen you could end up losing your hard-earned winnings from the spins bonus through simple infractions such as the use of a wrong payment method.

Making The Best Out Of Free Spins

There are very many advantages that come with free spins for both new and veteran players. The best advantage to these bonus offer is the fact that you could end up winning a large sum of cash without using spending your own. Keeping up with your favourite casino’s calendar could help you know when new offers are available. New slots may come with promotional bonuses which are likely to be free spins. Subscribing to regular emails keeps you appraised and you can hardly miss out on any offers. There’s a catch to getting these regular notifications, however. Some casino’s offer these promotions and updates as exclusives to their ‘valued members’. It’s no secret that you have to be a committed member of the casino from which you want to get the updates. This is done by making regular deposits in transactions. By so doing, the casino believes that for you to continue making deposits, you need an incentive. This is where the daily, weekly or even monthly promotions come in.

As soon as you get the notifications or updates, you should capitalise on the offer by quickly claiming it. At times, the offer may come in bonus codes that are usually redeemed for the free spins. Bear in mind that you may not be the only one who got notified so the faster you do it, the higher the chances of landing the bonus. The free spins should be used sparingly, however, since you might never know when you might need them the most, for example, during the ‘Gamble’ feature that is found in some slots. That said, always read the terms and conditions that come with these bonus spins lest you are forced to forfeit your winnings. It would be a shame to have to give up all your winnings, however big they might be, simply because you did not meet the set wagering requirements.

Free Spins In A Nutshell

Whoever was clever enough to invent free spins as a bonus feature revolutionizes the gambling world. More and more online casinos are launched every other day and the thing they all have in common is the fact that most have free spins bonuses. Anyone who operates an online casino knows how effective they are towards raking in new players and retaining the existing ones. As a matter of fact, most online gamblers tend to keep off casinos that do not advertise the bonus feature as part of their welcome packages. You should not confuse these spins with the ones found as bonuses in slots. These also come in handy and are found in slots that have bonus symbols like the wild symbols and the scatter symbol that in most cases, activates the spins bonus round. These usually come with multipliers and since they are in-game bonuses, they do not have restrictions like wagering requirements with them so you can use them at your own discretion.

Since bonuses became an integral part of casinos, players should always do their research before choosing an online casino to play at. Reading reviews gives you a gist of what to expect from a particular casino since the reviews normally come with detailed information about the casino’s features. On the other hand, be careful how you use the free spins but all in all, enjoy the fun and thrill that comes from winning amazing cash prizes without having to break the bank.