Babushka Slot Review

Pop and rock on the Babushka casino game

It’s all poping to get rocking on the Babushka game. The 3 by 5 reel slot is sure to get you glued to the slot. Make a trip to the Russian world in the game’s theme. If the main symbol dolls intrigue you well it only gets better. The dolls upgrade on each win creating bigger and better wins for you. On this video slot, even the smallest people matter. Your aim is to fill the screen with the smallest dolls to win. This will give you an ultimate win celebration. We all like our wins multiplied and this game has the dancing bear symbol that awards you a free spins bonus. As if the spins are not enough, the jackpot is not one but three progressive jackpots. Don’t wait to go to a casino, get yourself slots online on Nuworkscasino.

Blown away on first impression

The game took me to a Russian village welcomed by Mr and Mrs Babushka, the main symbols. I was immersed in the very suitable sound and graphic. The changing in background was one of my favourite things. After the free spin bonus the background would change to green hills and midows from snowy white. My main amusement was on how generous the free spins bonus was. For just three scatters I was awarded 16 free spins and that was on a single multiply. After my first game, This is the only slot is you will find me in.

It’s all Free spins and winning on Babushka

The Babushka video Slot is Russian inspired. NuWorks gave the game its title. The casino game uses Russian dolls famous for how well they fit into each other. This aspect has been fully utilised in the game-winning where dolls join together to fill the screen. The name Babushka is a Russian name referring to an older woman. Though the Russian doll symbol is the main one, the slot has other symbols such as sheep, snowflakes, cows and even homemade bread. The five reel slot machine has 25 bet lines. The game’s multipliers are the scatter symbols, free spins and wilds. The most amazing feature is the progressive jackpot and the game’s own placed prize of $2,500. The slot has 17 pay lines with a minimum bet of 10p nd a maximum of 100p. The jackpot allows you a multiple of up to 390X. Thanks to NuWorks online casinos you don’t have to visit a casino to play.

Russian Babushka dolls spin on the screen that has a knit sweater background. The dolls are in different shapes and colours. The symbol upgrade feature works when your babushkas form a winning combination, the dolls undress to form a higher winning combination. If you are lucky enough for all the symbols to match, they reach a yellow granny symbol that is the maximum. At this point, symbols become ghost symbols and you are at a high chance of landing the 100X win. The centre reel is where the wild symbol which is denoted by a ‘W’ on an egg. The random appearance of this symbol gives you a leeway to activating the special bear feature. The feature has three type of bears, the dance bear, the scare bare and charm bare. When the feature is triggered one of the three bears pops out from the egg. The 95.8% RTP is quite the benefitor especially if you hit the jackpot.

The wild Symbol and winning symbol upgrade feature

The winning symbol upgrade feature allows your dolls to upgrade and have larger payout ranges after every win.The wild symbol makes its random appearances on the centre reel denoted as ‘W’ on an Egg. It gives the chance to unlock the special bear feature. If triggered one of the three special bears will pop out of the Egg-bearing the Wild symbol. The three special bears are the bonus features in Babushka with each giving a special effect.

The three Special Bears bonus feature

The charm bear bonus upgrades your symbols by one level. A level upgrade results to a rise in the value of what you win. The scare bare gives your symbols an upgrade of up to three times. The level of upgrade is dependent on the size of the bear you unlocked. If you are looking for free spins then the dancing bear bonus is what you are looking for. The bonus allows you a start of seven free spins.

Babushka has a random progressive jackpot. It could be mini, minor or major and is at the end of any game. You are allowed to bed 25coins in each spin with the coin size ranging from $0.01 to $1.00. The jackpot at the top of the pay line is 5 Mr.Babshuka for 2500 coins.

What devices can I play this game on?

Babushka Slot is one of the video slots that fit perfectly on a mobile just click on full screen and enjoy a wonderful view while you play the game. The game is now available in almost all online casinos can be played on whichever device you desire, iPhones, laptops, MacBooks. Just log in to any online casino and request to play the game in the comfort of your home and even bet with real money.

To play or not to play the Babushka Slot

If you are looking for an intense game to keep you on your toes and your mind rolling then Babushka is for you. The game has a beautiful design that is rather calm. This design is in itself advantageous since unlike other video slots with too much going on that tends to cause confusion and build anxiety when playing, you can approach the game and play with a stable mental state. The bonus features are good with a high chance of you winning. However, the special bear bonuses focus on the charm bear for a beginner could get somewhat confusing and irritating to some extent. Nevertheless, the game has a favourable RTP and numerous free spins that might just be what you need for a big win.

  • Winning symbol Upgrades
  • Special bear bonuses
  • Jackpot

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