Catsino Slot Review

Catsino Slot: It’s A Cat’s World

Are you crazy for kittens? Do you want to play the cat game of all internet cat games? Then check out these crazy cat characters at Catsino slots online. Brought to you by Rival Gaming, this free online casino slot is sure to bring you plenty of cat-tastic fun, as well as free spins! So get giddy with feline delight for entertaining multiplying bonus rounds. If you want to be top cat and spin to win, you may have the chance to play the 9 Lives Super Round with the inciting 7x multiplier. This game also rewards a base game jackpot!

First Impression: Feline Frenzy!

If there ever was an animal themed casino game that could grab your attention, it would be cat themed. You’re either a top cat or an ally cat when you spin on this slot machine. With Catsino your bets are high, but this feline frenzy will not let you down with excitement and prizes promising plenty of wild wins. So if you’re crazy for cats and love free spins, this game is perfect for you!

Gambling Kitties Want You To Spin A Win

Appearing in Catsino are a variety of cat characters welcomed on the best casino reels, introducing a few dapper tomcats and some pretty well-groomed molly-cats. These cats are of course down on the roulette tables in this cartoon mobile casino developed by Rival gaming. The gambling kitties are feeling lucky, as is one cat in particular because he is the wild symbol in this game which completes winning paylines. But there’s more; this fat-cat symbol will multiply your casino wins by 3x! The mafia-like casino boss can be taken for all of his savings if you spin his symbol right on the reels, trigger this game’s free spin scatter and activate the nine lives bonus round. Choosing from between 1-10 coins, and a minimum of $0.01 a maximum of $125.00 credits, the 50 payline reel has sufficient win potential for these feline friends. This free slot machine with bonuses, offers not too shabby payouts.

Whenever he pounces into action, the unique fat-cat character is sure to bring big wins to your spins! Catsino provides 50 paylines to play with, and this 888 free slots game brought to you by Rival gaming is sure to spin you a winner. In this game, players can choose to opt to play with fewer paylines limiting their total bet as all coins and credit values will be multiplied by the number of active paylines. You’re welcomed by this kitty gang to select out of a wide range of values allowing for varying total wagers. This game offers marvelous payouts and you can tell you’re winning as the fat cat does not look pleased! That’s not all; spinners have a chance to unlock a further bonus feature! If the fat-cat scatter symbol appears on any three reels, players are reward with 9 free spins and the wild symbol 5x multiplier and a chance to spin the 7x multiplier!

Casino Cats: A World of Characters

Cats in a casino, what more could you ask? Catsino offers unique symbols that really grabs the players attention. The typical top cards are present (9, 10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s, A’s), and this slot game caters to feline fanatics with special symbols featuring a Blue Cat, White Cat, Orange Cat, Pink Cat, Peach Cat, Casino chip, and Piles of Cash. It’s a slot game for spinners from all walks of life with contemporary and novelty cartoon characters.

The Main Boss Fat-Cat Is Not Pleased By This Feline Gang

The fat-cat casino character is this game’s free spin triggering scatter, spin any 3 of him in any position gets an award of 9 free spins set with a 5x wild symbol multiplier. There is another bonus feature that can be unlocked during the free spins frenzy, the slot machine’s 9 Lives Super Round! All you have to do is spin three more fat cat symbols while the free games are being played! Players will be rewarded a 7x multiplier.

The multiple paylines on offer with this game and the payouts from the cat boss are superb. This feline gang rewards a jackpot component of 3,125 credits from $2.50 payline bet. Consider your opportunity to jack up to a 7x multiplier; this cat crowd could offer you 21,875 credits from the fat-cats jackpot!

What Devices Can I Play This Game On?

To play Catsino slot online, you can download the software; you need an iOS, Android, or tablet. If you use an iPhone, iPad, and iPod using iOS, these devices are compatible. Vegas online casinos require iOS devices to have iOS3.x or later versions to be compatible. Devices with iOS5.x and iOS6.x are also compatible.

Catsino Slot Cute Cat Feline Action

This online slot offers new and exciting fun feline entertainment with the novelty of casino cat characters in this Catsino casino game by Rival Gaming. These prizes and casino bonuses will make any cat lover purr and the fat-cat 9 Lives Super Round will provide wild wins with increased x7 multiplied prizes. This is a purr-fect slot machine to brighten up your otherwise ordinary days. For players who enjoy surfing the web for funny cat videos, this is especially enjoyable! With these cute cats on the reel offering such fantastic prizes, there’s no other fun feline action any animal lover could possibly need!

  • fat-cat, jackpot
  • bonus, 9-lives
  • 50 paylines, 7x multiplier

The Cat’s World

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