Fixer Upper Slot Review

Fixer Upper A DIY Angle to Slots

Fixer Upper is a really creative online slot developed by Rival gaming. It is based on the theme of making improvements in a house. It is one of the most promising games in Casinos in New Zealand with lots of free spins and a handsome jackpot. The game has many options for the player winning which includes bonus game and a plethora of themed prizes that anyone would love to win. So, if you want to make improvements to your house and want money this is the slot to play. It makes you win money while you can learn about the various places in your house that require DIY improvements.

What is the first impression of the game?

Fixer Upper is one of the few slots which will always catch your eye. The theme with the bearded workman and the blonde woman add the much-needed characters in the game. The game looks real nice, but the music is a bit nagging. It is repetitive and if you get over the music, then you are in with a chance to win some money. The game has amazing offers!

Fixed Upper has all the Fun of Slot games and much more

Fixer Upper is one of the few games which was parallelly launched on mobile devices. So, if you are having an iPhone, you could be able to play the game from the day of its release. It consists of five reels and twenty paylines. The main symbols that cover the reels are the usual DIY items like the measuring tape, spade, hammer, drill, a pot of paint, stapler and a drill. The bonus symbols include a spanner and the handywoman, while the wild symbol is a ladder. You can achieve free spins and can get up to fifty of them. The presence of three, four or five handywoman symbol on pay lines will get you thirty, forty or fifty free spins. The free spins also make the wild expanding which multiplies your win amount by x4 or x5. Two wild symbols will give an x4 multiplier while three wild symbols on reels give an x5 multiplier.

In Fixer Upper, if you can land three or more red wrenches (spanner)on the reels, you enter the big bonus round. The round is a game in which you need to put the pieces of a pipe together. The more pieces you put together the higher the amount of the prize. This is the stage one of the game, and if you progress to the second round you will ned to complete the paintwork. The third and final round lead to the big prize. The wild symbols i.e. the ladder also creates great wins for the player. Landing 4 on a pay line helps to climb up the prize of a cool 800 coins while getting all five will lead to the mega prize of 8,888 coins. The wilds have more features of being able to be a substitute or a multiplier. Two wilds will give x2 multiplier, three will give x3 multiplier and so on.

Symbols in Fixed Upper are Unique and Catchy

The symbols that are used on the reels in Fixer Upper are unique and catchy. The regular symbols are of items used in DIY house makeover. These include a drill, a hammer, a saw, a paintbrush, a bucket of paint, a tape measure, a stapler and a handyman. The special symbols are the handywoman that triggers the free spins, the spanner that triggers the bonus game and the wild symbol a ladder that multiplies the win amount.

The Feature Rich Fixed Upper Gives Value for Money

Free spins are one feature that makes this game stand out. There is a chance to win fifty free spins in this slots online game. The symbol that needs to be landed on the reels is the handywoman. Three handywoman symbols give you thirty extra spins, four symbols give forty extra spins and five symbols give fifty extra spins.

The Bonus game is really interesting in Fixed Upper and is triggered by landing three or more spanner symbols (these are called scatter symbols in slots parlance). The bonus game is very interactive with the first round requiring you to repair pipes (plumbing), second envisaging paint work and the third round including some building and masonry.

There is no particular Jackpot in the game. However, the free spins and bonus games more or less make up for this missing feature. The chances of multiplying the wins are there in free spins and bonus game. Also the wild symbol lets you win 8,888 coins which are a kind of jackpot.

Device compatibility of Fixed Upper in online casinos

Fixer Upper Slot can be played anywhere, and particularly very smoothly on handheld mobile devices. The game has been designed for iPhone and Android devices. So, if you are always moving around or are a desk worker this game will suit you. An additional benefit is that you will know a bit about house repair.

Fixer Upper Slot A Nice Addition to Slots Collection

The graphics of this video slots game is really good. The different symbols used on the slots also makes the game stand out. The regular free spins available in most slots are also there. There are fifty extra spins that you can get. But, this is not the most exciting feature of the game. The most exciting feature is the bonus game which requires the player to play different roles of a plumber, painter and a mason. The only let down is the music which is really annoying. It is better to turn the sound off while playing and the game is enjoyable overall.

  • Consists of five reels and twenty paylines.
  • The special symbols help to increase win amount and are of three different kinds.
  • The handywoman symbol triggers free spins

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