Introduction To Craps

Introduction To Craps

Craps is a dice game in which gamblers place bets on the outcome of the roll. It has a long history and like many games that have lived through a century or more, it exists in many versions. Tracing the game back to its roots reveals that it is a corrupt version of another game that is just as popular, called Hazard. There are other versions of Craps games such as Street Craps which is also known as Shooting Dice. Nowadays, it is a game played worldwide and is considered one of the traditional casino games, alongside Poker, Black Jack and Baccarat.

How To Play Craps

In normal casinos, Craps play occurs on a large oval bathtub-shaped table, where the dice are rolled and the chips placed. The whole outlay of the table resembles a bathtub. The chips are the denomination used during wagering, but the informal versions of the game (Street Craps), use cash. The dimensions of the table are approximately 4m high by 1.5m width. It also measures 30cm from the rim edges to the dice and chip area. On the table’s U-curved areas, the table cloth is labelled in sections. The possible dice throw outcomes are outlined to help both the players and employees while making Craps bets. The table is spacious enough for up to eight players to participate simultaneously. The straight edges of the Craps table have, on one side, the chip stacks with a dealer present to distribute them to players. On the opposite side is a long angled mirror. The walls at the edge of the play section are coated with rubber to bounce the dice back onto the betting area. A player will make Craps bets with the Boxman at the table bank. They will present the chips after the bet has been placed with the Base Dealers, who are on either parallel side of the table. They are positioned in such a way so that each can deal with either half of the Craps table effectively. A shooter is a name for a player rolling the dice and they will only throw the dice after placing the minimum bet. In Craps, the first dice roll is called a Come Out roll. Other dice rolls will continue to be cast until it is a losing combination. The dice roll has two probabilities: The first is that if it is an eleven or a seven, then the Pass Line bet wins. The second is that if it is a two, three or a twelve, then the Don’t Pass Line is the victor and the round ends. However, if a four, five, six, eight, nine, or a ten are registered on the come out roll, then this number becomes the point number. The shooter rolls again until the dice lands on a seven or the point number. The outcome is then that if it is the seven, the Don’t Pass line wins. If the outcome is a point number, then the Pass Line players win. Once the shooter loses, another player takes his place and a minimum bet is placed by all players once again.
  • An Oval bath-tub-shaped Craps table.
  • Four dealers; two Base Dealers, a Stickman and a Boxman.
  • A maximum of eight players.
  • A pair of dice to decide the outcome.

The Rules Of Playing Craps

The first rule in Craps is that the shooter has to select the pair of dice to roll, after which the shooter and all players must place either of the two possible Craps bets. The bet has to be either a Pass Line bet or a Don’t Pass Line bet. The Come Out roll, which is the first dice throw, must always be thrown to the opposite wall of the table. The outcome of the dice roll has many possibilities and takes some time to understand. Among all the Craps rules, the most confusing one is that if the dice throw outcome is a four, five, six, eight, nine, or a ten, then any of these becomes a point number. The dice roll then continues until the shooter lands a seven. In such circumstance, the Pass Line bet wins. If however, it falls on a point number, then the Don’t Line bet wins the Craps game.

Craps Strategies

A decent Craps strategy can help a player to reduce the house advantage to around 1.40%. However, it still remains ultimately a game of chance. The most recommended bets in Craps games are Come or Don’t Come and the most common are Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets. Alternatively, the next best bets are the Place 8, Place 6, Field 12 and Field 2 bets. Any other strategy gives the player even worse odds and offers the house a higher advantage. A factor that binds these strategies together is the understanding of the basic rules of Craps, so it is important to research these before playing for money. Another strategy is to make a Pass Line Bet, which has fewer ways to lose if the dice roll outcome is a two, three, or a twelve on the first roll (Come Out). Placing the Don’t Pass and Don’t come bets in Craps wins when the Pass Line bet and Come bets lose in the same respective round. It is important to check out the game’s rules and betting limits. As the game can be complicated for new players, it is also good to try the game for free first. Lastly, it is important to practice responsible gaming when playing for real money. Set a strict budget for the game and stick to it.
  • By placing a Pass Line Bet.
  • By placing a Come Bet.
  • By placing a Don’t Pass bet or Don’t Come Bet.

Different Versions Of Craps

There are five popular versions of the game, including Crapless, Open, High Point, New York and Simplified Craps. The Crapless version ensures that the odds on the Pass Line bet are almost entirely favouring the player. In the Open version, the shooter takes all the money if the Come Out roll is a Natural after a point number has been established. In the High Point version, dice rolls of two or three are not considered until a different total is made. Landing an eleven or twelve wins more money. In the New York version, rules are similar to the casino version, with the exception of Don’t Come and Come bets being disallowed. In the Simplified version, the game is akin to the Bank Craps version played in casinos but with much simpler rules for beginners. It does not have Naturals, Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets, and the losses and wins are determined entirely by the number rolled.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners

As much as players want to win at Craps, an understanding of the game is absolutely essential. The first thing beginners should do is to learn all the rules by heart and understand them carefully. The next thing is to check out the playing table and know it, as it has numbers and symbols on it that are vital to gameplay. The next thing is to understand the personnel who position themselves at the table and what role they play in the game. Lastly, know the game’s language and try out an easy version of the game, like the Simplified variation, to hone your skills. 1

Craps – A Short Glossary Of Common Terms

  • Any Seven – It is a bet where the next roll will be a seven.
  • Big Red – It is a word used to mean the number seven.
  • Bones – It is the same as dice.
  • Boxcars – It is the same as the number twelve.
  • Boxman – One of the supervisors seated between the Stickman and the Dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Mater All Types Of Bets?

In Bank Craps at the casino, the major bets placed are either a Pass Line Bet or a Don’t Pass Line Bet. Just by understanding both of these bets and the odds, it is sufficient to let you enjoy the game. A similar bet is the Come or Don’t come bet, but the rest are a bit complex for new players.

What Is A Come Out Roll In Craps?

It is the first dice roll in any round of Craps and is made by the shooter. The shooter makes the throw only after all the players have placed their bets on the game table. The numbers on the dice outcome determine the winner or loser, depending on whether a Pass or Don’t Pass Line bet was made.

What Is A Pass Line Bet In Craps?

It is the most original bet in Craps and is where players make their bets before the Come Out roll. For a player to win the round, the dice roll should land a seven or an eleven. If the outcome is a two, three, or twelve, then the player loses. Any other number means that the game is still active.

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