Lucky Stars Game Slot

Win Amazing Prizes In Lucky Stars Game

Lucky Stars slots online is an exquisitely designed casino game by Microgaming. To online game lovers, the game will provide you with four elements and the popular zodiac wheel for you to try your luck. With its five reels and extremely generous pay lines, this slot usually comes with loads of features to ensure that any player easily strikes a lucky winning combination. Free spins will definitely upgrade your bankroll as well as the bonus game. The jackpot feature will enable a player to win a whole 10000 coins. With such enticing features, any casino enthusiast should give a try to this amazing slot game

How To Play And Win The Lucky Stars Slot Game

Lucky stars slots, whether online or in land based casinos come with simple rules and steps in terms of gameplay. It is developed by the popular Microgaming slot experts. The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines that normally give handsome rewards should a player strike a winning combination along the pay lines. The maximum bet along each of the line is 20 coins, this means that per game a player can stake up to 400 coins. The range of coins size is from $ 0.01 to $ 0.25. This amazing delicacy to the casino gaming world by Microgaming will give unbelievable free spins and bonus rounds to increase your bankroll. All you need is to master how to play around with its scatter (globe) and wild which is a zodiac wheel for you to get that lucky combination

In Lucky Stars game slots, coins per line must be 20 minimally, with such a number of coins per line and 20 pay lines it means can play up to 400 coins. When playing this game the globe symbol is the wild and as such, it can substitute all non-scatter symbols with a net effect of increasing a player’s chances of winning. If a player manages to get up to five globe symbols on any single active pay line he will qualify for that cool jackpot of 10000 coins. Zodiac wheel and its 12 stars represent the scatter of this game. A minimum of 2 scatters on a pay line shall yield a payout, while 3 scatter symbols will qualify a player for a bonus round and 7 free spins

The Lucky Stars Zodiac Wheel And Globe Symbols

Lucky Stars like many popular casino games comes with symbols that are easily identifiable to casino lovers. The zodiac wheel and its 12 stars represent the scatter symbols and a minimum of 2 on a pay line will generate a payout. The globe symbol represent the wild and can substitute all other non-scatter symbols

The Lucky Stars Free Spins, Bonus, And Jackpot Features

The lucky stars free spins feature is quite easy to activate and obviously will boost a player’s bankroll. The free spins are triggered when a player gets at least 3 zodiac wheels on an active pay line. With this scenario, he will get 7 spins for free. Further, if the player selects a particular star on the zodiac wheel and the wheel stops on the chosen star he will get a bonus round plus 15 spins for free

The bonus game of lucky stars online slot will have a net effect of increasing a player’s chance of winning. With this in mind, this feature is triggered where a player selects a star on the zodiac wheel and bets that the wheel will stop upon reaching the star, if it so happens he will qualify for a bonus game

The Jackpot feature of the of the lucky stars online slot is the highest prize payable on its pay lines. Bearing this in mind, every player should interest himself on how to win it. With a jackpot of 10000 coins, a player should get at least 5 globe symbols on an active pay line to strike it

Easy Wins On Lucky Stars Slot Game

Lucky stars online slot is a game beautifully designed by the popular Microgaming. Available on mobile casino platforms, this thrilling slot game comes with easily identifiable symbols like the zodiac wheel and the globe it is highly recommended for any casino lover to give it a try. The jackpot feature is a whole 10000 coins and it is easily achievable. The free spins and bonus round will definitely entice you to try your luck for they are easily triggered to boost your bankroll

  • 5 reels and 20 pay lines
  • Jackpot comes with 10000 coins
  • Maximum bet per line is 20 coins Reliable Site For Online Slot lovers

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