Pokies game guide

Introduction To pokies

pokies have become the most popular game played in casinos worldwide; they account for almost 70% of the games played. This popularity is due to many factors such as the fact that these machines are very friendly to use and have less challenging rules than ordinary casino online games. It is important however to understand how these machines work for you to enjoy the full experience. Getting a tutorial on pokies strategy or reading a pokies guide will be helpful. This article will help you understand the basics of what playing a pokie machine entails and how to handle them.

How To Play pokies

If you are interested in knowing how to play pokies for fun then here is what it entails in a nutshell, you simply push a button which will tell you whether you have won or lost, and then you repeat this process all over again. It’s that simple; pokies are a game of pure luck. The outcome of every game you play is determined by a computer algorithm which generates number combinations randomly. The chances of you winning are different on every pokie machine, and this is referred to as the pokies odds. You must also place a bet which is the amount of money that you want to double or triple depending on the pokie you are playing.

To appreciate the dynamics of playing pokies, you must understand the machine itself. There numerous types of pokie machines out there but most of them borrow from the original design of the three reel pokie. These pokies are made up of wheels and symbols, and each reel can contain up to thirty-two symbols. pokies online have become very popular because of convenience, they do not take space and can be programmed to have infinite symbol possibilities depending on the theme of the particular pokie. Online games nowadays have five to seven reels and have moved away from the traditional three reels

There are very many types of pokies out there such as progressive, 3D, single coin, multi-coin and multi-game machines. Some of these machines are easy to understand from the name. These machines have one thing in common for the player, and that is the fact that the number of stops per reel will always affect the wager you have put down and the payout you will receive. You must always read the payout chart on a pokie machine before you start playing to better understand the game. The most important point to playing is always to pick a machine that speaks to you, and it should have conditions that you feel comfortable with.

  • Press the button, wait to see if you win or loose. Do it again.
  • Pick a machine that speaks to your heart
  • Winning in pokie machines is pure lack
  • Always read the payout chat before you start playing


The Pokies Rules

Pokies rules are crucial for anyone who is a beginner. The game might be very easy and simple to play, but if you have never mastered the rules, then the machine will milk your money every single time. The first standard of every game is that you must understand what it takes to lose and win. In pokies lingo, this means that you must get acquainted with the symbols, which ones are high value and what pays out the best. Selecting the best pokies bets is an important part of pokies; you must understand the coin values and the maximum and minimum bet of each game you play. Understanding the pay structure is also an important ingredient to maximising your wins and coming up with the perfect strategy. Finally, the rule of thumb is always to choose a game that you know the storyline; this makes it easy for you to relate to the symbols and reward combinations.

Pokies Strategies

Every game on this planet has some strategy that applies to it. pokies are no different, and there are numerous strategies that players apply to maximise their gaming experience. There is no universal pokies strategy because all pokies games have their various intricacies. Also, there are a couple of important strategies that could be helpful to start you off. Always choose machines that have low jackpots because they are much easier to get a payout from. Play machines that have fixed jackpots rather than progressive jackpots. Why? Well, this is because the odds in a progressive jackpot are much lower.

Everybody loves winning at pokies games whether you are playing a real pokie or an online one. For you to do this, it will be important to plan and take precautions in order get as much money as possible. Knowledge of some pokie strategy is important for pokie players. There are many out there in books and reviews but here are some that could be important. Always play the simpler looking games that do not have too many graphics and symbols they tend to have higher odds. Always ensure that your pokie machine lingo is up to date this could make a big difference in understanding the game and winning more. You can find this lingo in any pokie guide or tutorial.

  • Always choose games with low jackpots
  • Know the language of pokie machines
  • Play machines with fixed jackpots rather than progressive jackpots

Different Types of pokies

pokies have come in all shapes and sizes since they were first invented in 1899. They also have different themes and payout methods. Some of the most popular types of pokies over the years include the three reel machine which was the original, video pokie, progressive pokie, multi-pay line pokie and the 3D pokie. These machines all have their individual and unique characteristics, and that is why you will find different players having their favourites amongst these choices. The number of pokie machines will continue growing especially due to advancements in the technological sphere. Nowadays most people do their betting and gambling from the comfort of their homes either from their PC’s or mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets. The variety in creativity in the pokie games realm just goes to show why this classic casino game will be here long after many of us are gone. So pick a pokie machine today that has the right conditions and game for you and have some fun.

Tips and tricks for pokies beginners

By now you have determined that playing pokies is very easy and lots of fun. If you are a beginner or have never tried your luck and skills on this beautiful casino game then here are a few tips to help you along. First and foremost always ensure that you are playing the game for fun with the hope that lady luck might smile on you and you could win some money. Always try to choose a casino whether online or physical that has the best machines, bonuses and promotions. Finally always ensure that you divide your bankroll into small portions.

Pokies Glossary

  • Scatter Symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Total Bet
  • Auto Play

Frequently Asked Questions

How do pokie machines operate?

There are very many types of pokies out there, and they all have different characteristics, but there are some standard features on how they operate. The basic operation of a pokie machine is that player will put bets into the machine and spin for the chance of a win, whether the player wins or loses and the want to continue they will repeat the same process again.

Is it true that pokie machines are rigged?

pokie machines are not rigged. Casino pokies is a game that purely depends on the players’ luck. Once you press the spin button, there is a micro-computer that randomly generates numbers and combinations making it possible for anyone to win even a first timer. There is definitely no hidden agenda in this game it’s clean fun.

What is the best pokie machine to play?

The number of pokies out there is quite large and choosing one single machine over the rest is tough. Choosing the best pokie machine is a matter of personal preference. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and ensure that it has the right conditions to give you maximum fun and maybe a payout.

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