Introduction To Roulette

Roulette online slot is an amazing and arguably one of the best online casino games today. It traces its origin to France way back in 18th Century. However, this does not construe a lack of modern slot features as the game comes with multiple variations that will easily give seasoned or new casino enthusiasts a reason to give it a try. Roulette strategy is extremely easy to understand. Like other popular games strategy, the aim of the player should be to reduce the casino’s edge by employing a special pattern of bets on the basis of gamblers fallacy roulette ideas.

How To Play Roulette

Roulette casino games whether land based or on online slots comes with easily understandable rules, strategies and overall gameplay features with respect to the determination of a hand that wins. Roulette, a french equivalent of a little wheel comes with an exquisitely designed table that lets the said wheel spin over it. The wheel has red and black markings. The numbers that roulette bets are placed on are placed on the periphery of this wheel range with a range of 0 to 38. The game can easily be variated in terms of pockets available per wheel with standard wheel consisting of 38 pockets while its alternative comes with 37 pockets.

The 38 pocket Roulette wheel comes with a casino’s edge of 5.26 % while the house edge of the 37 pocket roulette wheel is 2.7 % hence the likelihood of striking a win is higher in a 37 pocket wheel. To determine a combination of winning Roulette bets, the croupier shall spin the wheel in one direction while a the same time spin the rolling balls in opposite direction along a circular track on the edges of the wheel. For a player to win the ball must attain a lower momentum and eventually settle on a number. If the ball falls on number chosen by the player, the player wins.

Online Roulette slots usually come with a table that consists of outer and inner betting areas. Placing bets in the inner area means that the player shall select the exact number of pocket the ball must land into or a narrow range of pockets on the basis of how close they are on the layout. Players wishing to play on the outer area have a wider range of pockets the ball may land on. They also have an option of choosing the pocket color and whether the number will be odd or even. The payout of each bet is determined by mathematical probability.

  • Croupier spins the wheel in one direction
  • The balls must spin in opposite direction
  • The ball losses momentum and settles on a particular pocket(s)
  • Payout is based on mathematical probability

Roulette Slot Rules

Roulette online slots come with a number of simple rules that will enable any player to place roulette bets easily. Such rules include may slightly vary considering roulette variations exist. Each player must choose the pockets (numbers) or colors where the ball must come to a halt. A player shall select a betting stake and chose whether to place it on the outer or the inner area. Roulette rules also, allow players to place their bets on more than a single number. Each outside bet must be at least the minimum of table amount. If a player wins his initial wager is taken back to his account in addition to payout on his bet stake. If a player loses a bet the initial wager is also lost. The game’s software keeps an updated track of the stake amounts and it shall automatically reject a stake that is below the table minimum.

Roulette Strategies

Like other popular online slots roulette comes with amazing strategies that will enable the player easily predict on which pocket the ball may come to a halt. Depending on games variations, casinos edge can be reduced within a range of 2.7 %-5.26 % should the player employ the optimal roulette strategy. The gambler’s fallacy roulette strategy suggests that future events can be determined by the past events. For instance, if the wheel has stopped on a red mark 8 times on prior spins, then the next spin is more or less likely to be red in color than if the previous stops were at black.

Martingale Roulette strategy will also prove to be friendly guide should wish to record easy wins. This strategy suggests that a player should double his bets if he losses in a half chance game. This way a player could compensate for the previous losses with a small profit to the gambler. If a player wins in the second bet he should collect all his winnings and place the original small bet or leave the casino all the same. D’ Alembert strategy is the opposite of the aforementioned strategy. It suggests that instead of doubling his bets after a loss he should instead increase his bet by 1.

  • Martingale Strategy: Double your bets after a 50-50 chance game
  • D’ Alembert strategy. Increase your bet by 1 in case of a game lost
  • Optimal Strategy will reduce casino edge from 2.7% to 5.26 %

Different Types Of Roulette

Roulette game comes with different versions. However, a player needs not to worry because many rules and strategies remain unchanged irrespective of the version chosen. The versions come in terms of the number of pockets available in a roulette wheel. The European version comes with a single pocket feature which means a player has 37 pockets where a ball could come to halt and record a win if it actually stops on the pocket chosen by the player. This version according to the optimal strategy could result in 2.7 % reduction in casino’s edge. If you choose the alternative of an American version you will have an extra pocket referred to as double zero “00”. As such this version comes with a total of 38 pockets where the ball could stop. In terms of optimal strategy, the casino’s edge could be reduced to 5.26 %. As such whether American or European versions the gameplay rules always remain the same.

Tips and tricks for Roulette beginners

Ever been looking for a satisfying online gaming experience. For the new beginners, Roulette online slots will prove to be such an easy game to navigate through in terms of rules, strategies, and moves to help you record profitable wins. Whether you choose the American or European variations one will have an opportunity to reduce the casino’s edge significantly. On your mobile or desktop browser, you can easily try your spin on a wheel and a ball’s spin in opposite directions. Should you be lucky enough the ball shall stop on your chosen number and easily record a win. With such easy spins, there is absolutely no reason you should not give this slot a try.1

Glossary: Explanations

  • High or low- a bet that predicts that a ball shall either fall between pockets 19 and 36 or 1 and 18
  • Odd or Even – A bet predicting the next ball’s stop will either be an odd number or an even number
  • Gamblers fallacy – An idea that past game outcomes can influence subsequent games
  • Inside bets – Select the exact number of pockets that a ball shall land in
  • Outside bets – Player select groups of pockets and even colors where the ball might halt

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is A Roulette’s Win Determined?

Well, winning an online slot game whether Roulette or otherwise should be the main aim of any player. As such this game win is determined whereby a player predicts the pockets or numbers where a rolling ball will stop. The wheel will be spun and if the ball stops as per the player’s predictions he wins.

Are There Different Variations Of Roulette?

Like many other slot game, Roulette comes with different variations that can easily be tried on browsing devices. However, the different variations should not cause an alarm as rules remain the same. The European version comes with 37 pockets where the ball could stop while the American version comes with 38 pockets.

What Are Different Strategies Available To A Player?

To win a Roulette game a player needs a strategy that optimizes his chances of winning. As such this game’s strategies will boost your knowledge on the best ways to record a win. Martingale strategy suggests that a player should double his bets if he losses in a half chance game. D’ Alembert strategy suggests that instead of doubling his bets after a loss a player should instead increase his bet by 1. Simplifies Online Slots

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