Twister Slot Review

Play Twister For A Wonderful Adventure

Twister is an old game developed by software company Microgaming. The theme of the game has an urban surrounding look with amazing features such as a free spins bonus trigger of up to 20 spins. With 15 pay lines and five reels, it gives you an opportunity to win big. Even if you don’t, match three scatter symbols and you stand to win the free-spin bonus. It allows you to play more and with a maximum bet of 75 Euros you are eligible to win the jackpot of 15,000 coins! Play the slots online; you never know where your luck lies.

The Twister Slot’s First Impression

Upon your first time playing the twister slot you get the feeling that it is a vintage game compared to its more recent counterparts. Founded in 2006, the graphics of the game are lacking; however, it has great symbols like Suzanne, Laverne, Kwikmart, Truck, and Bun. Its popularity comes from the fact that, being established all those years ago, many video slot enthusiasts have interacted with it for almost a decade, aside from its unique character roster.

Levels and Coin Values In This Slot

The twister slot is an exciting game with an urban theme that has been embedded to give it an appeal. Developed by Microgaming software company, the game is, however, not a virtual revelation no thanks in part to its low-quality graphics. It is playable on a computer by loading it into the browser, but there is no record of it being available for download on any mobile platform. Such is the disappointment that it creates an inconvenience because the player can’t be flexible enough to play it from just anywhere. Having a computer is mandatory, and this is a very limiting factor. Of the characters already mentioned, each one of them has a unique characteristic trait that sets them apart. They all pay out differently when you match all five slots correctly, with any of them. The scatter and wild symbols are an integral part of the game, with different impacts.

In the twister slot, the symbols are such that, the old lady has the highest payout of 500 times the wager amount. The young woman, the boy, and the man guarantee 400, 200 and 100 times the placed amount, respectively. All the remaining character symbols have decent odds of between 90 to 50 times the original price, all after placing a wager on each of the 15 paylines. These amounts are subject to a 95.9% RTP, which is an excellent rate to use. A minimum of 1 coin per line is required to play. The coin has to have a minimum value of 0.01 while the maximum value of a coin you can place on any line is 0.5. A maximum of 10 coins per line is allowed to play. Aside from playing for the jackpot, these figures represent small payouts unless you place massive amounts. Triggering the jackpot requires a maximum bet of 75 euros.

The Symbols In The Twister Slot

In Twister slot, the scatter symbol is represented by an old TV. Getting three or more of these earns you a bonus feature that is the 20 free spins. The general symbols are represented by an old lady, a young woman, a boy and a man. Extra symbols include a gas station, a latrine a trailer, and a pickup truck. They are all very colorful and give an ambiance that kind of resembles a cartoon animation.

The Bonus Features From the Twister Slot

The free spins feature is triggered by accumulating three TV’s which are scatter symbols. The free spins number to a total of 20, which is a fair number in your quest to fatten your purse. If you match all five symbols, you get 1,000 times the original amount. On the same feature, you stand to make 2,000 times the original if you match the same five symbols correctly.

In the twister slot, you need to place a maximum bet to stand a chance of scoring the jackpot which is an impressive 15,000 coins. On other amounts less than 75 Euros, you get winnings that are pegged on the odds on the pay lines. The type jackpot in this game is a fixed one.

What devices can I play this game On?

Twister slot is listed as compatible with computer browsers. There is no mention of its compatibility or an existing developers application on mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone. All user experience review has highly cited the computer browser as the only way of playing this online casino game successfully.

The Twister Slot Game Summary: Vintage Casino

The game characterization is very well put together. In overall, that good work is let down by the finish and detail with poor graphics. It is an old game, and with so many new ones coming up on a regular basis, the competition seems to have diverted all the attention away from this one. There are no notable upgrades or even downgrades for that matter, making it a truly vintage game. It, however, has a nice casino bonuses feature, as compared to most slots, giving up to 20 free spins after stacking 3 scatter symbols. Most slots only offer in the range of 10 to 15.

  • Up to 20 free spins
  • Straightforward and easy graphic design
  • Autoplay feature

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